According to the themes and the contexts of the events, the WJ-S productions can take many forms : performances, demos, presentations of projects, parties, workshops and conferences.

The events

WJ-S WORSHOP/CONFÉRENCE @ How To Do Art With Networks - Académie Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam

Thursday 26 November 2015

How To Do Art With Networks

Bring Your Own Laptop!

A one-day-open market with workshops, lectures and performances to show how networks are art.
How to Do Art With Networks provides an opportunity to share experiences, to experiment with platforms, tools and media, to conspire and discuss questions of sustainability, growth and informality. The day is based around several existing net-art-works that act as catalysts to show different perspectives, scales, potentials and pitfalls.

13:00 doors open
13:45-13:55 presentation by Robert Sakrowski
13:55-14:05 presentation by Anne Roquigny
14:35-15:00 presentation by Katrina Sluis
15:30-15:40 presentation by Martine Neddam
15:40-15:50 presentation by Harm van den Dorpel
16:20-16:30 presentation by Michael Murtaugh
16:30-17:00 presentation by Aymeric Mansoux
17:30 doors close