According to the themes and the contexts of the events, the WJ-S productions can take many forms : performances, demos, presentations of projects, parties, workshops and conferences.

The events

Kibela, Kiberpipa (Maribor / Ljubljana)

From 26 to 30 July 2006

Kibela / Kiberpipa

>>>>> VIDEO WJS RoboMarseillaise Igor Stromajer Kiberpipa, Ljubljana


Courtesy : Domen Pal

Davide Grassi

Davide Grassi

Igor Stromajer

Igor Stromajer


Davide Grassi / courtesy : Aksioma

Davide Grassi / Courtesy : Aksioma

Igor Stromajer

Igor Stromajer

Igor Stromajer

Workshop in Kibla

MORE PHOTOS>>>>> from the performance and workshop in Kibla

MORE PHOTOS>>>>>from Kiberpipa


web performances in public spaces

in Maribor and Ljubljana, Slovenia
September 26th - 30th 2006

"Satellite Night Fever"
live WJ-s performance by Davide Grassi, Aksioma
— -> Traveling around the world does not start and does not end at home. In between there is a planet which is a window into the world. In 365 megabytes with software around the world.

live WJ-s performance by Igor Stromajer, Intima Virtual Base
— -> Historical facts are constructed fiction and fictive
construction. History is written by winners, facts are written by artists.

# performances:
Maribor: Gallery KiBela, Tuesday September 26th 2006 at 9 PM
Ljubljana: Cyberpipe, Friday, September 29th 2006 at 9 PM
Admission free.

# open workshops:
Maribor: Gallery KiBela, Wednesday, September 27th 2006 from 11 AM until 2 PM,
Ljubljana: Cyberpipe, Saturday, September 30th 2006 from 11 AM until 2 PM,
Practical artistic workshop on WJ-s software, lead by Anne Roquigny in collaboration with Stéphane Kyles.
Admission free.

Anne Roquigny, new media curator, France
Programming WJ-s/oftware: Stéphane Kyles, artist / programmer, France
Web performers in public space: Davide Grassi (Satellite Night Fever) and Igor Stromajer (RoboMarseillaise), Slovenia

Co-produced by :
Intima Virtual Base - Institute for Contemporary Arts
Multimedia Center KIBLA, MAribor
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana

Multimedia Center Cyberpipe / Kiberpipa, Ljubljana

Co-financed by :
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia,
Municipality of Ljubljana and Institut français Charles Nodier, Ljubljana

About the authors:

Davide Grassi
is a media artist, performer and producer of Italian origins working and living in Ljubljana since 1995. His artistic work has a strong social connotation and is characterized by an inter-media approach.
Grassi is the author of numerous videos, performances, installations, documentaries and media projects. Among them I Need Money to Be an Artist, Brainscore (with Darij Kreuh), Problemarket - the Problem Stock Exchange (with Igor Stromajer), machinaZOIS and DemoKino.

Igor Stromajer
is an intimate mobile communicator. He researches tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech strategies. He has shown his work at more than a hundred exhibitions in forty-two countries and received a number of awards. His works are included in the permanent collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia; Computerfinearts Gallery, New York and others.


spletni performansi v realnem prostoru

Satellite Night Fever
Davide Grassi, Aksioma,
Potovanje po svetu se ne zacne in ne konca doma. Vmes je planet, ki je okno v svet. V 365 megabitih s softverom okrog sveta.

Igor Stromajer, Virtualna baza Intima,
Zgodovinska dejstva so konstruirana fikcija in fiktivna konstrukcija zmagovalcev. Zgodovino pisejo zmagovalci, dejstva pa umetniki.

# performansa:
Maribor: Galerija KiBela, torek, 26. septembra 2006 ob 21h
Ljubljana: Kiberpipa, petek, 29. septembra 2006 ob 21h
Vstop prost.

# odprti delavnici:
Maribor: Galerija KiBela, sreda, 27. septembra 2006 od 11h do 14h
Ljubljana: Kiberpipa, sobota, 30. septembra 2006 ob 11h do 14h
Udelezenci obeh brezplacnih popoldanskih delavnic se bodo pod vodstvom Anne Roquigny v sodelovanju s Stéphanom Kyles om prakticno spoznali z umetnisko uporabo programske opreme za spletne performanse (WJ-s)
Prijave za MB in LJ do 26.09.2006 na:

Anne Roquigny, kustosinja novih medijev, Francija
Stéphane Kyles, racunalniski programer in umetnik, Francija

Spletna performerja v realnem prostoru
Davide Grassi (Vrocica satelitske noci) in
Igor Stromajer (RoboMarseillaise), Slovenija

Virtualne baze Intima, multimedijskega centra Kibla iz Maribora ( in zavoda Aksioma iz Ljubljane. Pri projektu sodeluje multimedijski center Kiberpipa iz Ljubljane (

Projekt so podprli
Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna obcina Ljubljana in Francoski institut Charles Nodier iz Ljubljane.