Webjays Installation

The netart exhibitions present a selection of curated online pieces created by international artists.

Web browsing usually a private affair becomes here a collective and collaborative experience.

The events

WJ-S INSTALLATION - 111ooZoo111 @ VIA Festival - Exposition "Micro Macro" - Le Manège Maubeuge

From 13 to 23 March 2014

Le Manège

The 111oOzOo111 installation invites the audience to discover a few hundreds of online projects, "exhibited" on a mini network of computers, all connected to the Internet. A surfing "bot" is installed on the computers and allows an automatic surf on 30 screens simultaneously. The navigation is done in real time through a selection of online art pieces (mèmes, glitches, animated gifs, lolcats…) created by international net artists who divert and deconstruct social networks and Web2.0 landscapes. The multiscreens webjays system is like a reduced model of the internet, a metaphor of its codes specificities and of the way information flows and appears on the web.

Kim Asendorf, - Anthony Antonelis, - Gregory Chatonsky, - Constant Dullaart, - Dylan Fisher, - Emilie Gervais, -
Benjamin Gaulon, - Emilio Gomariz, -
Jodi, - Jérôme Joy, -
Julien Levesque, - Maadonna, -
Claudia Mate, - Mouchette, -
Jim Punk, - John Rafman, - Casey Reas, - Evan Roth, - Rafaël Rozendaal, -
Sakrowsky, - Yoshi Sodeoka, -
Systaime, - Nicolas Sassoon, -
Miyo Van Stenis,
and many more.

Co-production : Maison des Arts de Créteil, le Manège Maubeuge, lille3000,
With the suport of : Gaité Lyrique, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

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