The Webjay cannibalises the content that he/she collects on different websites or within his/her own artistic productions presented on the internet.

The webjay deconstructs a content and makes it his/her own by rearranging it differently to generate alternative narratives . The result bears the personal hallmark of the performer, it is a unique and original creation which can distort the initial purpose of the messages.

The Web Performance is a work in progress in line with the culture of remix, of recycling, of diversions and daring associations.

The events


Thursday 7 February 2008

45A rue dʼAubagne, Marseille

7/02/ 2008

18H : Table ronde "flux" avec : Emmanuel Lamotte (Erational), Jérome Joy, Isabelle, Isabelle Arvers, Jean-baptiste Bayle et Anne Roquigny.
20H : Performances Webjays : Isabelle Arvers, Jean-baptiste Bayle, Jerôme Joy

Un grand merci à l’équipe du RIAM et du DAKILING : Philippe Stepczak , Pedro Morais, Marie Bouquillon, Agnès O ’Martins, Florian Richard, Guillaume Rozan, Benjamin Lascombe, Christian Faure, Karina Taghouzi, Yana Maudet.

Merci à l’équipe de SELWORLD : Ivan Chabanaud , Chabalab et Julien Marro-Dauzat pour la retransmission de l’événement sur internet
Retransmission de la table ronde >>>> ?id=62

Retransmission de la soirée de performances

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