The Webjay cannibalises the content that he/she collects on different websites or within his/her own artistic productions presented on the internet.

The webjay deconstructs a content and makes it his/her own by rearranging it differently to generate alternative narratives . The result bears the personal hallmark of the performer, it is a unique and original creation which can distort the initial purpose of the messages.

The Web Performance is a work in progress in line with the culture of remix, of recycling, of diversions and daring associations.

The events


Wednesday 22 February 2012 19:30-22:30

WJ-S perfomance sur les trois vitrines de la galerie des Écluses

Galerie Des Écluses
13 Rue des Écluses Saint-Martin
75010 Paris

Webjays : Dokidoki & Radiomentale

- WJ-S perfoming in the street

- Interview of Sylvie Astié (Dokidoki) by Digitalarti