The Webjay cannibalises the content that he/she collects on different websites or within his/her own artistic productions presented on the internet.

The webjay deconstructs a content and makes it his/her own by rearranging it differently to generate alternative narratives . The result bears the personal hallmark of the performer, it is a unique and original creation which can distort the initial purpose of the messages.

The Web Performance is a work in progress in line with the culture of remix, of recycling, of diversions and daring associations.

The events


From 8 to 14 September 2008

Rataskaevu 10, Tallinn 10123

08/09/2008 - 14/09/2008

Plektrum enhances digital culture in the Baltics
Leading multimedia festival in the Baltic states "Plektrum - the Festival of Visual Sound" takes place September 8-14 in Tallinn, Estonia. Together with over 40 international new media artists, theorists and curators, Plektrum 2008 explores the essence of real and virtual space.

„Plektrum is more international than ever before. We are very pleased that our program was worked out hand in hand with leading European experts," commented Marge Paas, organiser of the festival’s art projects. Plektrum 2008 thematic highlights include the seminar "Webjockeys" curated by the internationally recognized media art expert Anne Roquigny (France) and videoscreening series „Hidden spaces" created in collaboration with Alexandra David (France). "For a festival, international co-operation is an important qualitative step," Paas added.

The whole festival week brings media art exhibitions, cinema screenings, video installations and performances in various locations around Tallinn. Plektrum also offers impressive audiovisual entertainment including a club and concert night, on September 12 and 13 respectively. The educational program consists futher of VJ school, hands on workshops, discussion sessions and artists talks.

"Plektrum- the Festival of Visual Sound" is an international multimedia festival of media art, contemporary and electronic music, diverse subcultures, urban thinking and education for the 21st century homo sapiens. Plektrum is taking place for the 6th time.

Many thanks to : Marge Paas, Cécile Phulpin, Olja Levistova Jaagup Jalakas, Sten Saluveer, Enar Essenson, Piibe Piirma, Kaisa Jakobi, Herkko Labi, Kreet Stubender, Silja and Heikki .

Playlists Perfomances @ Plektrum Festival, Talinn

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