WJ-S is a flexible device, which can be adapted to different types of places and contexts. Thus, il can be used within numerous private events.

WJ-S promotes the web communication of the client by associating visual and sound cues existing on the Internet (videos, animations, interactive sites, music videos, etc.).

According to the theme of the event, the WJ-S team proposes a web mix composed of different web links in order to meet the communication objectives.

The streaming of the web content and the interior set up are realised according to the theme of the project, the space where the event takes place and the technical equipment provided (video projectors and sound systems).

Depending on the nature of the event, WJ-S collaborates with a team of freelancers, artists, djs, vjs, wjs and technicians.

The events


From 16 October 2008 00:00 to 19 October 2008 05:00

Café Julien
39 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille

16/10/2008 - 19/10/2008

Main Partner: Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Participants to the workshop : Ivan Chabanaud, Xavier Kissdub, Edwige Cazzola, Isabelle Moreni Guillaume Juret

Many thanks to : Brigitte Balian, Christian Artin, Guillaume Juret, Jérôme Calabrèse, Bechir Habassi, Betty Oskanian, Sophie Hedinger, Charlotte Perrin.


|||||||||||| Demoparty
Teams of software programmers, graphic designers and musicians are collaborating for a demo party where they will use creative sources of multimedia codes, combining techniques with creativity. The demo party is an international programming competition during 4 day, from the 16/10 - 19/10. Du 16 au 19/10. Subscribe at

||| Circuit bending et chipmusic
For the second edition, Main demo party suggests an initiation to circuit bending and the art of modifying electronic toys. Come with your old toys and Game Boy in order to compose your first track of chipmusic.

Schedule: 16/10 - 18/10 from 14H 30 to 18H 30

|||||||||||||||||||Expo Micro with Archeopterix
Archeopterix, an informatics paleontologist, exposes the most beautiful pieces from his collection of vintage micro-computers and games 8-bits les plus belles pièces de sa collection de micro-ordinateurs vintage et de jeux 8-bits, a meeting in the retro future. This exhibition is ideal for offering a perspective of the evolution of IT.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Music : Scratch vs Chipmusic

||| Thursday 16/10
|||Turntablism Masterclash ||| Hommage à la scène marseillaise

Café Julien
DJ Kayalik -
DJ Rebel -
DJ Djel -
DJ Bomb -
DJ Sly + DJ Ralph -

||| Friday 17/10
||| Micromusic Live Acts

Espace Julien
Psilodump (SE-Stockholm) - http://
Lithis (SE-Stockholm) -
Dubmood (SE-Göteborg-Marseille) -
Meneo + VJ Entter (SP-BCN) -
+ open scene demo
Café Julien
Zombectro (FR-Avignon) -
Confipop (FR-Marseille) -
Dr Von Pnok + VJ Realmyop (FR-Rennes) -
JDDJ3J (FR-Nice) -

||| Saturday 18/10
||| Micromusic & Demoscene Live Acts
Espace Julien
Med aka Mister Electric Demon (FR-Paris) -
Monsieur Adan (FR-Mulhouse) -
Demovibes Live (FR-Moonove and Willbe) -
8gb (AR-Buenos Aires) -

Café Julien
Final demomix from 00:00 to 05:00