The WJ-S/oftware is a tool to explore, scan, dig, plunder, play around with, transform and mix the Web in a shared and dynamic way .

The Wj-s/oftware provides a flexible technical scenographic infrastructure and is perfectly tailored to handle the flux in real time. Specially designed and developed by Stephane Kyles (first version) and James Hudson (second version), the Wj-s/oftare enables a network of computers, all connected through the Internet, to communicate together.

The webjay performs with a selection of urls and decides how to send out the chosen sources on the different screens provided for the event.

One of the computers is the server machine, which functions like a webdeck. It controls at distance the client machines (multiscreen environment), instructing each machine what to download from the Internet. From the server machine, the WJ-S mix and synchronise their different web sources on all the screens simultaneously. With the Wj-s/oftware, WJ-S take control of the computer network and navigate at distance through the contents they have selected.

The WJs can also modify the navigation interface, the background, the links, the texts, the videos and the sounds with the Wj-s/oftware tools and effects.